Where to Find Cheap Hotels in Thailand

Thailand is the cultural, political and social center in Southeast Asia for more than 200 years. Currently, Thailand is a tourist haven, and it is so due to so many reasons. It is culturally rich, with many beautiful Buddhist temples, a bustling metropolitan city, and at the same time, it’s extremely affordable. You get the best of both worlds when travelling to Thailand.

Since Thailand is a popular tourist destination, it has plenty of cheap and affordable hotels that will fit accordingly to your budget. Furthermore, many of the cheap hotels in Thailand are located strategically near shopping areas, major transportation centers, and tourist sites. hotel in Thailand Thus, these cheap hotels offer you great convenience and great value for your money.

When it comes to choosing a cheap and affordable hotel, location is always key. A great place to stay is Siam Square, the shopping haven of Thailand. Siam Square has literally hundreds of small shops littered at the Siam Center. There are also many luxury shops and labels, for the upscale and elite shoppers. However, if you love the nightlife, other perfect locations include PatPong Road or Silom Road. When choosing your Thailand lodgings, choose a hoel near the subway for your convenience. The subway will get you to most places, so getting to any place will be easy. Also, keep in mind that most cheap hotels in Thailand usually do not have English speaking staff. Thus, misunderstandings and inconveniences may occur, so be prepared.

If you and your family are planning for a trip to Thailand soon, here are cheap hotels in Thailand you may want to consider:

1. Hotel De Moc – The Hotel De Moc is located right at the heart of Bangkok, Thailand, right where all the action is happening. This is a perfect hotel to travellers who love sightseeing, for it is near popular sightseeing sites such as the Rattanakosin Island, Golden Mount and the Grand Palace.

2. Viengtai Hotel – The Viengtai Hotel is especially located near many important historical places. This hotel is just one block away from the Khaosan Road, Bangkok. This hotel is quite near to major historical sites such as the Golden Mountain, the Royal Grand Palace, the Emerald Buddha Temple, the Temple of the Reclining Buddha and The National Museum.

3. The Majestic Suites – This hotel really knows what hospitality is all about. The Majestic Suites, in a nutshell, is warm, elegant and luxurious, but in a subtle way. This hotel is all about providing all their guests their every need. They have all the amenities to provide their guests their most comfortable and memorable stay. Plus, they have a business center that will attend your business and professional needs.

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