Using a Chain Dog Collar As a Training Device

Ideal for larger, disobedient dogs, considering purchasing chain collars are an excellent way to train your dog to behave sensibly when in public. There are various methods which are more effective to get your dog to obey, which can allow you to ultimately progress to using a more traditional type of dog collar.

First of all, do ensure that you have a good chain which has links that are at least half an inch in width. This is because you can find that the thicker chains can cut into your canine’s neck easily, resulting in inhumane harm. Pet shops normally stock chain dog collars that will help in the training process but will not cause the dog too much discomfort. Copper kettle¬†Asking around for tips can help.

The tug and release technique can help you to hone your dog’s behaviour. When the dog is on a leash (it is not recommended you use chain dog collars without one), tugging a dog and giving the verbal command of ‘No!’ can help the dog learn to correct. From there, the future will see the canine self-correct its wrongdoing when you give the prompt.

It is the pressure that the dog will associate with correction. Always bear in mind that an excessive amount of pressure could cause pain to the dog and that the tug should only be temporary.

Using the tug and release technique correctly could eradicate those dreaded and unruly walking sessions and can generally make the process of walking your dog pleasurable for you both.

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