Use Online Calculators to Help You Lose Weight Fast and Easy This Year

If you’re looking to lose weight fast and easy this year why not go online and try the free calculators offered by many health and fitness membership site? These calculators assist you in determining real outlooks for your fitness and diet goals.

You can learn how to calculate your body mass index, find out how much protein you actually need for your body size, determine your caloric intake and activity level in order to more easily shed pounds of fat this year.

Gradually reduce your calorie intake to match your goal weight. If you’re currently 220 pounds with a body fat percentage of 30, you might want to evaluate your body mass index with an online calculator. Age Calculator A BMI rating of 30 puts you in the obese category. Once you’ve checked your body mass index and get a handle on your BMR to determine your estimated calories per day.

Online calculators will take your gender, height, age and weight. After you have filled out the information you’ll receive an estimated calorie per day result. One way to get a handle on your caloric intake when shooting for a diet or fitness goal is to start by programming the BMR calculator with your ideal weight.

I would recommend using the estimated calorie per day result from your adjusted weight reading as your new calorie goal. Several fitness coaches have used this method to develop diet and exercise programs for their clients. Once you have a fairly good idea of what it will take to maintain your ideal weight, go ahead and adopted that new calorie quantity.

For instance, let’s take a male 5’9″ tall, age 50 at 240 pounds. His BMR calculates to 2104 calories a day to maintain his body weight. If his goal is to reach 180 pounds, his caloric intake would be 1729 a day.

To lose weight fast and easy while reducing calories, determine your current set point and your new set point through the use of online calculators. Once you’ve determined what your new calorie intake should be, split that number by six. Our example above had our 15-year-old male eating 1729 calories a day.

Two more efficiently uses calories while maintaining and even blood sugar level, he should eat six small meals of around 288 calories each. A simple way to reach this goal is to eat half of your normal meal and save the other half for later. If you’re going to eat three hours later chances are you’re not going to be very hungry using this method.

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