Things You Got to Know About Shemales

Transgenders have always been a hot topic. Their lives, and everything related to them is discussed openly over the internet, TV, social media, etc. Well, the community is mostly criticized, especially by those who don’t really know them. Now, don’t you think its rude?

Shemale population is growing consistently, and their demand in the porn industry is rising as well. Agencies like Lovesita who offer escorts services, get many inquiries for their Trans escorts. This simply means, that their fan base is growing. If you are planning to date a shemale or hire a shemale escort, there are a few facts concerning them you must know…

Who are shemales exactly?

Transgenders are those individuals who are identifies not by the sex they are born with, but the opposite one. Years back such individuals were considered as weirdos. However, now they are identified as individuals who are suffering from gender identity disorder. These people struggle with their gender-issue on daily basis. The society is harsh towards them, and they are criticized in every possible way.

Their popularity is rising

Even after being constantly scrutinized and criticized by the society, the community is gaining a lot of popularity. Countless men around the globe desire transgenders to fulfill their sexual fantasies. In fact, companies who are featuring transsexual scenes are minting. However, this doesn’t mean shemales like to be treated as sex toys. Don’t forget they are real human beings with real feelings.

Why men desire shemales?

Sexual desires and fantasies vary from person to person. Some men are solely interested in women, whereas some wish to take things in a different direction. Here are a few reasons of why many men wish to be with shemales.

  1. Additional penis

Some men simply love the idea of having an additional penis between the sheets. On the other hand, many want to enjoy the best of both the worlds – a lady with a hot body with perfectly shaped breast and a cock.

  1. To understand their own sexual preference

Some men hire a transgender escort in order to figure out their own sexual preference. Instead of being with another man, they prefer having sex with a shemale

  1. Their hot body

You simply cannot deny the fact that transgenders have a super-hot body. They have all the right curves in all the right places, and that is enough to attract any sex-craving men towards them.

Some more facts about shemales

  • Most of the shemales don’t undergo surgeries.
  • They aren’t gay. They just prefer living like a female instead of a man.
  • They are absolutely normal and can perform everyday tasks just like everyone else.
  • They are not sex-craving individuals. They have sex morals just like everyone else.

This was just some basic info which you must know if you plan on dating a shemale. Next time you are around one, make sure not to ask them questions which can get you as well as them in an awkward and embarrassing situation. Also, now is the time to change your perspective towards the shemale community.

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