Quality Assurance Systems For Aroma Chemical Industries

Unlike other industries, aroma chemical industry requires additional care and quality systems to take care of the odor. Actually we can visualize this industry as selling the smell rather than the products. To meet this requirement, the following quality systems and procedures ensure overall quality assurance from the receipt stage to dispatch stage.

A]. Receipt stage:
All the in coming Raw materials and packaging materials should be stored in a spacious storage area with clear demarcations for Approved materials and rejected materials.

Every lot Raw material and packaging material should be checked thoroughly as per approved specifications, even minor deviations should be noted and investigated.

Packaging material should be inspected from odor point of view.

All the approved lots should be labeled with Green colored “APPROVED”labels and rejected ones with Red colored “REJECTED” labels to have better visual control.

B]. Manufacturing stage:
All processes should have well documented and authorized standard operating procedures.

The log sheet of each process should reveal the traceability of the materials used in the process.

There should be well validated and documented cleaning procedures with schedules to avoid the cross contaminations.

Every container used for the storing the chemical industry materials in the Manufacturing area should bear the proper labels to eliminate the cross contaminations and mix-ups.

C]. Blending stage:
This is very crucial stage of controlling the quality; different fractions should be stored separately with proper labels indicating the purity and odor status.

Make small blends of 1kg (Called preblend) and test for the odor and analytical parameters, if found ok, then the final bulk blend to be done in the same proportion as that of preblend.

Storage tanks should be equipped with nitrogen purging and proper aeration facilities to remove off odors.

D]. Laboratory controls:
Infra structure: Quality control department should have the following infra structure.
1]. Analytical Instrumentation lab
2]. Wet analysis lab
3]. Olfactory analysis chambers
4]. Control samples Room
5]. Market sample preparation Room
6]. Documentation room

The laboratory should be well equipped with modern instruments to monitor different physical and chemical parameters to ensure the product meeting the global standards. Below mentioned instruments are required.

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