How to Train Your Dog – Positive Reinforcement

You know the benefits to positive reinforcement with your dog, including learning much faster, a happier and healthier dog and retaining the information better. Now, you need to know how to use the tool. The goal of this article is to help you use positive reinforcement and to supply you with further tools and resources you can use in order to train your dog the right way and to understand the benefits completely.

In order for this method of training to work, there are a few things that the owners must learn to master before they begin teaching their dog. One of these things is timing and the other is consistency. When you use correct timing, you have to give the dog a treat or praise the dog AS SOON as he displays good behavior. So, if you are telling the dog to sit, as soon as his bottom touches the floor, you should give the treat or the praise. The second thing that you must learn is consistency. It’s important that everyone in the family uses the same command word or body language for a particular behavior. How to teach dog to roll over This way, the dog will not become confused about what behavior is desired. This is often a problem in families that are large or families with children. It can be misunderstood as bad behavior when the dog is just confused about what to do.

Some of the command words that you can use and teach your family to use with your dog are ‘Come, Sit, Stay, Down, Heel, Back Up and Let’s Go!’ Praise is the best thing to use when you are training your dog, and treats or toys work very well too. Certain dogs like certain rewards better and you can figure out what your dog likes best as you go along. You can reward your dog with attention as well as long as you keep it short between teaching. Continuous reinforcement is something that is very important. When you begin teaching your dog, you need to reward him for every good thing he does. This will help him learn what the desired behavior is and what he gets for displaying it. This will help with the further training.

So, as an example, if you are teaching your dog to roll over, and he lies down, you can give him a treat. This is one stage in the ‘rolling over’ trick. Then, when he rolls to his back, you can give him a treat. As he learns to roll all the way over to his stomach again, give him a treat. This will help him learn more easily and quicker. As he learns, you can reduce the treat giving to every time but one that he does the trick. Keep gradually reducing until you are only giving your dog a treat occasionally. This is a great way to teach your dog good behavior and some awesome new tricks!

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