How to Teach Your Dog to Fetch

Teaching a dog to fetch is probably one of the easiest tricks to teach a dog. Fetching objects comes naturally to most dogs but some dogs actually do not have a strong desire to fetch. This is a normal personality trait in some dogs.

When trying to teach a dog to fetch, it is important to remember that dogs need structure and routine. If your dog is having trouble with the concept of fetch, get a tennis ball and cut a small slit in the ball just big enough to slip a small treat into. Make sure not to make the slit too big though. You don’t want the treat to fall out. Once you have the treat inside of the ball, let your dog smell it so that he or she can realize that there is a treat in the center. I always say that dogs are like men and the way to their heart is through their stomach (maybe this is why they are known as man’s best friend). Once your dog realizes that there is a treat inside, you will have their complete attention. You will than want to gently toss the ball around 15 feet away. Copper kettle┬áBe careful not to throw the ball too far. After you throw the ball, run with your dog to the ball and give him/her a treat. Throw the ball a second time, run with your dog to the ball but only give them the treat this time once they fetch the ball.

Practice this routine often with your dog and you should have no problems with learning how to teach your dog to fetch.

Once they have the concept down of fetching the ball without you running with them, you will want your dog to return the ball to you after fetching it. After your dog fetches the ball, call them to come to you. If they do not seem to want to return the ball, bribe them with a treat. When they come back to you with the ball, take the ball from their mouth and give them a treat. Once they have the whole fetch, retrieve and return the ball concept down, take the treat out of the inside of the ball and just give them a treat like once every third throw.

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