ECG Cross Reference

The ECG cross reference signifies an ECG replacement directory, which lists more than 300,000 manufacturer house numbers, and these numbers are cross referenced to ECG types that can replace them. The directory, which started with a list of semiconductors, soon included other products as well.

The ECG line of semiconductors was originally conceptualized by Sylvania before Philips took over the company, and though these semiconductors were originally targeted at the secondary markets, they soon found their way into the industrial repair and maintenance departments. The ECG cross reference is a great help in looking up U.S. and foreign manufacturer numbers and thereby identifying the device type, printout and other relevant information. The greatest advantage of the ECG Cardiac tamponade ECG cross reference is the amount of time saved without searching through catalogues or hunting for manufacturers.

The ECG cross reference constitutes a long list that is quite comprehensive. This includes transistors, diodes, and ICs, silicon bilateral switches (SBS), Silicon unilateral switches (SUS), Silicon asymmetrical switches (SAS), and bilateral trigger diodes (DIACS). Soon, semiconductor devices such as JFETS, MOSFETS, and IGBT were added. Multipliers, rectifiers and other such high voltage devices also found themselves in the list. Transient voltage suppressors, quartz crystals, linear and digital integrated circuits and optodevices have now been added to the ECG series. With advancement of information technology and increased use of computers and related accessories, the ECG line has microprocessors, memories, IC interfaces and even surface mounted components. The ECG product line now includes environment-friendly chemicals, digital multi-meters, surge protectors, flyback transformers, flameproof resistors, antenna rotators and rechargeable batteries.

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